Saturday, August 8, 2009

"Warped Tour Date with Justin"

Below was written by Justin:

Hey Scottie,
Thank you so much for yesterday! That was honestly one of the coolest things I have ever done in my life and I am so happy I got the opportunity to do it. Like you said it would be, I did meet a ton of amazing people who helped me out throughout the day and made things like keeping hydrated and eating really easy for me! People like Kevin, Lauren, Sarah and Tiffany as well as others who came on and off Kevin's bus. I also got to see all the bands I wanted to see from the stage which was pretty cool because I thought I could only choose one or two bands...but I ended up seeing like 5 or so bands which was awesome! Also, I got to meet some band members like Chris from Less Than Jake, Buddy from Senses Fail and Craig from Chiodos and others too!

Lauren was a HUGE help in letting me do the things my friend and I wanted to do and she was honestly such a great fun person to be around too! At the end of the day Kevin actually invited me back next year which made me feel so welcomed and liked by everyone I met. I cannot tell you how that made me feel because Warped is the event of the summer that I always look forward to. Hopefully Lauren will be there next year too, that way we can hangout again because like you said, she is truly amazing at what she does for the Living The Dream kids like me on Warped! Also, hopefully I was thinking it would be cooler if you could maybe come to Atlanta next year so you, Lauren, Kevin, the rest of the crew and I can all hangout.

So Thank You So Much for giving me this incredible opportunity Scottie, I’m Living The Dream, and I hope to stay in touch,
Justin Bentley

Justin has paralysis of His esophagus and can't eat or drink by mouth. His Story is Very Inspiring and His Attitude is Gold...
It was Our Honor to have you out for Your Rock Star Living The Dream Day Justin...
Thank You for the Inspiration that You continue to deliver everyday to All Brother!!
Love and Respect You Always...


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