Friday, August 21, 2009

"Kalie and Scottie United to Help Others"

This is a Loving Story that goes back many years before Kalie was born...
Donald Martin (Marty) Garness and Scottie Somers had grown up together from childhood on thru High School and beyond. As Children, Marty knew that Scottie was a little different and was living his life with the terminal disease Cystic Fibrosis. Scottie had CF, but didn't ever act as if he had any disease at all to those around him. It was for this reason that when Marty and Karen (Kalie's Mother) found out they were going to have a Baby Girl, they wanted to name her after their good friend Scottie in Honoring His Life. Scottie actually has had 2 Children named after him, the other is Hunter Scott Gibson, Son of Eric and Courtney Gibson. These 2 Gifts of Love have been Priceless Presents that have left Scottie speechless; He's Very Honored to share names with both Kalie and Hunter. Later, shortly after Kalie's birth, Marty unfortunately was diagnosed with Brain Cancer. Marty had fought this ruthless disease for several years, sometimes seeming as if he was beating it, but in the end, it took His Life...
Many years later after Kalie has grown up, Kalie recently came to Scottie at the Hurley US Open of Surfing Event, to Unite from there on out to help others in Loving Memory of her Daddy, Donald Martin Garness. Scottie has lost a lot of good friends during his journey, Marty being one of them. Scottie carry’s Marty and all the rest of his deceased Loved Ones at the forefront of his being in his journey’s to help terminal Children continue Living The Dream every day regardless of their current conditions.
It was an Amazing Gift of Love after all these years that Kalie came to Scottie saying this, "I wanted to let you know that I think what you're doing with :LTD)( and everything, is amazing. If you ever have any volunteer work I can help with, anything at all, I would love to get involved."
Thank You for being selfless Kalie…
I Will Protect You Always… You're a Living Angel to Me Sweetheart...xo
I Love You Kalie Somers Garness!!!


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