Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Warped Tour Date with the Bookers---Meet Kaiya"

Below written by Kacie:

This weekend was one of the most magical weekends in my life. I got the opportunity to take the Booker’s, one of Living The Dreams favorite families, out for a full day of rock star treatment. Their day included meeting all their favorite bands, going backstage, going onstage, and walking out with bags and bags of Warped Tour merch donated by all the great people working on the tour. Although they insisted that Living The Dream and Warped Tour gave them a day they will remember for the rest of their lives, little did they know that THEY had changed all of our lives as well. It wasn’t long before Kaiya’s big blue eyes won over the crowd. In just the short time we were all able to spend together, Sarah (4Fini) said, today the Booker’s family just got a lot bigger. Special Ops Joe said Kaiya had changed his life. Special Ops Lauren and Michael are already counting the days to Warped Tour Utah next year when they get to see Kaiya again. An overwhelming sense of love surrounded each and every person in such a way words cannot describe. All of us wished we could make that day last forever. When it came time to say goodbye, tears filled the eyes of each and every person Kaiya had met. All of us had been so inspired by this tiny angel who always had a smile on her face, who laughed all day, and who handed out an endless supply of hugs and kisses to everyone she met. Kaiya taught us all what it’s like to truly be Living The Dream, and for that, we are forever grateful. Thank you Kaiya for shining your beautiful spirit into our lives and lighting up our hearts. I love you K-bug.


This was a Dream Day that :LTD)( was looking forward to All Warped Tour Long… Kaiya aka K-Bug has been in the Living The Dream Family for about 2 years now… The moment I came into Her website, I instantly fell in Love with K-Bug, Shalee and Dustin Booker; they’ve been Family ever-since… We were Excited to Surprise them with a Fun Living The Dream Day at the Warped Tour in UT… Kaiya Loves music, She listens and helps Her Daddy play His guitar (So Cute!)…
If you want to Enrich Your Life, You’ll definitely want to invite the Booker's into it; I did, and it’s been up-hill ever since… The Booker's have a saying “No Bad Days!” That’s a pretty good saying if you ask me… :-)
We Love You Kaiya, Sis Shalee and Brother D…


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