Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Warped Tour Date with Morgan"

Below was written by Julie (Morgan's Mommy):

Hello Scottie,
Thank you again for everything that you did for my little girl. She truly touches everyone’s heart that she meets. I tagged her on myspace with the Living the Dream page. It still touches my heart to see the pics of her and Will (Aiden). I have never seen him smile and have love in his face like when he was hugging Morgan, same with Angel, Nick and Jake. They all loved her and enjoyed spending time with her. Due to a fading economy this wouldn't have been possible without all of your help. Morgan's desire to fight and continue to learn even when the cards are stacked against her is truly an inspiring motivator for all that know her and love her.

I truly do not have a clue how I can ever repay you for this experience....and for putting a smile on my little girl's face.

Juli Wanamaker

I was Excited to meet Morgan in NY because I have never met anyone with Autism before… Needless to say, I was Inspired and Totally Enriched by this Beautiful Little Baby Girl…

Morgan is 5 yrs old and was accompanied by Her Mommy Julie and a Saint of a friend Casey to the Warped Tour. I was told in the morning that Morgan does not take to Men at all and to not take it personal… I talked a lot to Casey and Julie and learned a lot about Autism. I was also turned on to a band I’ve never seen before called Aiden; Julie, Casey and believe it or not , Morgan, All LOVE this Band and its Members… The Guys of Aiden were so nice to the Girls and put big smiles on their faces…
What a Beautiful Little Angel Morgan is…
Oh by the way, Morgan was hugging, kissing and holding my hand by the end of the day; I Believe in Miracles…
Check out the pic in the bottom R corner; do You think She had a Good Day? :-)
Love, Hugs & Kisses Always...


"An Angel fell out of the sky and landed on Me"

Manda was a Gift from God…

I was in PA spending the day with Liz. The day was coming to an end as we came off the stage after watching Senses Fail. Liz and I were walking back towards the :LTD)( tent when we saw 3 EMT’s working on a hurt young Girl. They were applying ice to Her face and I noticed that this Girl really needed water more than anything; I got Her some water. She got Her face smashed up against the bar at the front of the stage and had a big monkey ball under Her eye. Manda was So Upset that She had been waiting for a couple of bands to watch Her favorite band A DAY TO REMEMBER and now that She was hurt, she has lost her place at the front of the stage… There was No Way that I was not going to do something to help Manda as I looked at this Pretty Girls eyes and saw Her heart so sad…
So guess who got to go onstage to see Her favorite band… :-)
Love You Angel…
You’re So Sweet…
Ps. This pic was funny as I was turning Manda's face to the side so Not to show the monkey ball under Her eye; We did good huh Manda... ;-)


"Warped Tour Date with Liz"

Below written by Liz to Bob Hurley:

Dear Mr. Hurley-

I wanted to take a minute to tell you about my amazing day at warped tour and to thank everyone for everything that they did for me throughout the day. My name is Liz. I'm 20 years old and I have Cystic Fibrosis. I met Scottie Somers 5 years ago through my cousin. I was so excited to meet him, especially knowing that he was then 37 years old and had Cystic Fibrosis like me. When I met him, he took me to Warped Tour in Fullerton, California in the summer of 2004. It was an amazing day. I was the very first person Scottie had ever taken to Warped Tour!

A few weeks ago Scottie asked me if I'd like to join him again for Warped Tour, but this time in Pennsylvania where I live. I of course said yes, and was excited all week! When I got there, I met up with Scottie and Kacie. Scottie introduced me to everyone. I first met Lauren, she gave me my wristband and made sure I had enough water throughout the day. She even put together a bag of really awesome merch for me! She was so nice. I loved her! After I got my wristband, we went to eat lunch. We ate with a few guys from ASkyLitDrive. The food was really good. A lot of it was vegan and that was perfect since I don't eat meat. After lunch it was time to see the first band. It was Saosin and I was VERY excited. They are one of my favorite bands. Scottie was able to get me up on stage and I got to watch their whole performance from up there. It was AMAZING!!!! After Saosin, I got to see a lot of other great bands that I have never listened to before. Scottie had me watch the Gallows. I'm so excited that he had me watch them because they were so good. The lead singer was crazy!

Another one of my favorite bands performing was UnderOath. Before they went on I met their drummer Aaron Gillespie and their keyboardist Chris Dudley. They were both super nice to me! I even got to keep one of Aaron's drumsticks. Their performance was awesome. I got to stand behind Aaron the whole time. They definitely put on a rad show. After UnderOath, I also got to see Senses Fail, another one of my favorites, and A Day to Remember. Those guys were so good! So not only did I get to see my favorite bands, I also got to hear some other bands that I now love.

After dinner we went back to the Hurley Living The Dream tent and just hung out. I got to meet Kate. She was such a sweetheart to me. She asked me if there was anyone I didn't get to meet that I really wanted to see. I of course said Saosin! She then told me that Saosin would be down to the tent in a little bit to see me. I was so excited! A little bit later Justin and Cove from Saosin got there and hung out with me. They were the nicest guys I have ever met. Cove told me some really funny stores and made me laugh so much! Before they left they took some pictures with me, and Justin even gave me one of his bracelets. It was honestly the highlight of my day! I also got to meet Sarah. She hung out at the tent with us too. She was fun! She also made sure I had everything I needed.

The main reason I'm writing this letter is to take the time to thank you and everybody involved with Hurley and Warped Tour. You have made me and so many other children happy. Everything you all do is such an amazing thing and I can't thank you enough. Scottie Somers, Kacie, Lauren, Kate, Kevin Lyman, Sarah and everybody else I met are all amazing people. I haven't even met you, but I know you are an amazing person as well for all that you do. Scottie is such an inspiration to me, and he gives me so much hope for my future living with Cystic Fibrosis. I no longer wake up scared not knowing how I'll feel that day. I now wake up so happy to be alive and know that life is a beautiful thing and just living is the best gift of all. It's not how long you live, it's how you spend the time while you are still here. Please pass along my Thank You's to everyone involved with Hurley, Living The Dream, and Warped Tour. You all have beautiful hearts and you have all made me realize that I am Living The Dream.


I think about how far I've come along since the day She taught Me how to make a heart on myspace...
I Love You Liz... You'll Never know just how TRULY SPECIAL You Are to Me...


Friday, July 17, 2009

"Warped Tour Date with Natalie"

Below written by Natalie:

The excitement of finding out I had won a "Fun Day at Warped Tour", with my friend Almendra wasn't nearly as exciting as the actual experience of being on stage with my Favorite bands like; A Rocket To the Moon and The Maine. Just from the First time of meeting Scottie, I knew that my day was going to be a phenomenal day because his energy went through the roof and beyond. The fact that I even got the opportunity to Meet the bands that have inspired me to just get up and go through these difficult well as bands Scottie introduced us to like, A Skylit Drive, was such an unforgettable experience that words can't even describe. I don’t think I’ll ever forget sitting under the LTD tent, listening to Scotties inspirational and motivational stories that will forever stay in our hearts. I will forever be in debt to Scottie and the LTD Hurley Family for being so selfless and genuinely cordial…STAY RAD!
Love Nats

Natalie's the Sweetest Girl Ever and She keeps Really Good People close to Her Heart, like Her Beautiful Friend Almendra... These two Girls have been a little taste of Heaven in My Life; I'm Blessed to have met and become Family with them.... Natalie was such an Inspiration to be around... She just got out of the Hospital after having surgery and even had to go up on the bus to see if Her stiches tore; luckily Natalie was OK... Shortly after resting, We were off to play again; I Loved it!!
Thank You for letting Me share this Special Day with You...
I just Love You Natalie...
Always and Forever We're :LTD)( Family...xo


Monday, July 13, 2009

“Warped Tour Date with Taylor”

The Warped Tour in CT was Very Special and Super Fun!! The Day was Full of Excitement with Taylor, Sisters and Friends. Taylor’s Sister Kelly wrote in to :LTD)( and shared Taylor’s Fight with Cystic Fibrosis; it was an Honor to be able to hang out with All the Girls. Terminal Diseases don’t just affect the inflicted; it affects All Loved Ones around them too… This Group of Girls have a Special bond. We went and saw a lot of their Favorite bands including underOATH, 3oh!3, Jeffery Star, Anti Flag and Many More!! Jeffrey came over and did a private meet & greet with the Girls and signed stuff as well as Kelly’s stomach; She was So Happy!!! We had one tiny little scare (good thing I don’t scare easy) when Taylor’s nose started to bleed at lunch; She was a CHAMP!!! So Brave!!!
I’m a Better person today because I got to meet Taylor, Sisters and Friends… Thank You!!!
Love Always!!!


Thursday, July 9, 2009


click below to see video, then forward to 01:13 of the video to watch Lauren talk about Living The Dream:

DAY 8- DALLAS Video by 2009 Vans Warped Tour- Tickets On Sale Now - MySpace Video

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Monday, July 6, 2009

"Warped Tour Date with Liliana"

Hey Scottie! Today was so amazing after we got Liliana past her overheating incident. Kevin helped us pile a bunch of the bands on the bus that she wanted to meet. At one point we had Aaron from Underoath, and the entire Skylight Drive and Anti Flag crew on to meet her. She was super excited the whole day and was such a trooper! She’s totally a girl after my own heart, loves music and LOVES to eat! We made it to see A Skylight Drive, Breathe Carolina, Anti Flag, and Chiodos. Anti Flag also set her up with a bunch of free merch along with everything Michael gathered for us. It was a super full day and she was really excited to head to the Denny’s all nighter where all the bands are hanging out tonight.
Written by Lauren M.

Liliana is Living with Lung Cancer, etc. Such a Nice Girl; What an Inspiration!!!


"Warped Tour Date with Scott"

Scott had an awesome day. He got a signed drum stick from Underoath after he saw their performance. He got to see a ton of other bands: Dance Gavin Dance, A Day To Remember, The Devil Wears Prada, The Ataris, and a few more. He had 4 friends that met up with him who were all a blast to meet. All in all it was an amazing day.
Written by Lauren M.

Scott sent (Scottie Somers) a quick note saying: “Hey Scottie its been awesome just knowing you bro! And I haven’t even got to meet you yet haha but I wanted to thank you for everything! It was an amazing experience!!! Hope to keep in touch with you and see you soon!!!! -Scott Smith"

Scott has Scleroderma Systemic and is Awesome and Living The Dream despite All that He’s gone and going through…


Friday, July 3, 2009

"Hurley Store 225 Forest Grand Opening"

Tonight, July 2nd, 2009 was a Very Fun Rewarding night to say the least!!

Hurley, Nike 6.0 & Converse all collectively opened a Sick New Store in Laguna that exceeded my expectations for sure. I've been with Hurley for a lot of years, and I've seen a lot of cool stuff put on by this Amazing Company, so I'm not easily impressed... I went to Laguna with the feelings of a proud Dad, Super Excited for this Event... This Store is RAD!!! I walked away with a pair of New board shorts that I personally made on the premises and a pair of Nike shoes that Kacie and I made together... Within this Stores walls, you can make your own clothes and shoes, or pick from the many cool variety of styles that are represented on the floor. I'm Very Proud of Bob Hurley, Roger Wyett & Team for all the hard work that I know went into making this Store a Reality... Thank You for the Awesome Shopping Experience!!!

Love and Respect Always...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Warped Tour Date with Haley"

Hurley's Living The Dream was excited to have Haley R. join us at the Vans Warped Tour in Las Cruces, New Mexico last Wednesday July 1st. Haley's been Living with Leukemia and obviously has not let this disease over run her or rule her life. Haley received VIP treatment, meeting bands such as Escape the Fate, Millionaires, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, and Aiden. Haley also was able to watch all her favorite bands perform from backstage. NOFX, 3OH!3, Lights, The Devil Wears Prada, and The Maine were among her top choices, and all put on unforgettable shows. After a long, exciting day, Haley was able to hang out with the awesome Warped Tour staff that help make the shows happen all summer long. Kevin Lyman, the founder of Vans Warped Tour even offered to have Haley back as his special guest next year! Thanks to all the bands, crew, and people who made this day extraordinary. Haley was definitely Living The Dream on her Special Day!
Written by Lauren M.