Friday, July 17, 2009

"Warped Tour Date with Natalie"

Below written by Natalie:

The excitement of finding out I had won a "Fun Day at Warped Tour", with my friend Almendra wasn't nearly as exciting as the actual experience of being on stage with my Favorite bands like; A Rocket To the Moon and The Maine. Just from the First time of meeting Scottie, I knew that my day was going to be a phenomenal day because his energy went through the roof and beyond. The fact that I even got the opportunity to Meet the bands that have inspired me to just get up and go through these difficult well as bands Scottie introduced us to like, A Skylit Drive, was such an unforgettable experience that words can't even describe. I don’t think I’ll ever forget sitting under the LTD tent, listening to Scotties inspirational and motivational stories that will forever stay in our hearts. I will forever be in debt to Scottie and the LTD Hurley Family for being so selfless and genuinely cordial…STAY RAD!
Love Nats

Natalie's the Sweetest Girl Ever and She keeps Really Good People close to Her Heart, like Her Beautiful Friend Almendra... These two Girls have been a little taste of Heaven in My Life; I'm Blessed to have met and become Family with them.... Natalie was such an Inspiration to be around... She just got out of the Hospital after having surgery and even had to go up on the bus to see if Her stiches tore; luckily Natalie was OK... Shortly after resting, We were off to play again; I Loved it!!
Thank You for letting Me share this Special Day with You...
I just Love You Natalie...
Always and Forever We're :LTD)( Family...xo


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