Monday, July 6, 2009

"Warped Tour Date with Liliana"

Hey Scottie! Today was so amazing after we got Liliana past her overheating incident. Kevin helped us pile a bunch of the bands on the bus that she wanted to meet. At one point we had Aaron from Underoath, and the entire Skylight Drive and Anti Flag crew on to meet her. She was super excited the whole day and was such a trooper! She’s totally a girl after my own heart, loves music and LOVES to eat! We made it to see A Skylight Drive, Breathe Carolina, Anti Flag, and Chiodos. Anti Flag also set her up with a bunch of free merch along with everything Michael gathered for us. It was a super full day and she was really excited to head to the Denny’s all nighter where all the bands are hanging out tonight.
Written by Lauren M.

Liliana is Living with Lung Cancer, etc. Such a Nice Girl; What an Inspiration!!!


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