Saturday, July 18, 2009

"An Angel fell out of the sky and landed on Me"

Manda was a Gift from God…

I was in PA spending the day with Liz. The day was coming to an end as we came off the stage after watching Senses Fail. Liz and I were walking back towards the :LTD)( tent when we saw 3 EMT’s working on a hurt young Girl. They were applying ice to Her face and I noticed that this Girl really needed water more than anything; I got Her some water. She got Her face smashed up against the bar at the front of the stage and had a big monkey ball under Her eye. Manda was So Upset that She had been waiting for a couple of bands to watch Her favorite band A DAY TO REMEMBER and now that She was hurt, she has lost her place at the front of the stage… There was No Way that I was not going to do something to help Manda as I looked at this Pretty Girls eyes and saw Her heart so sad…
So guess who got to go onstage to see Her favorite band… :-)
Love You Angel…
You’re So Sweet…
Ps. This pic was funny as I was turning Manda's face to the side so Not to show the monkey ball under Her eye; We did good huh Manda... ;-)


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  1. awwh. haha. that just made me cry because you really are so sweet. & it's funny how you just happened to be right there. and how i got to go on stage and see a day to remember. that's all i cared about. you made my day !! I'm seriously so thankful. Scottie is an angel =) and the title at the top of the page is really how it felt. All day i was like what if i got to meet alex from a day to remember or got autographs or backstage
    . and my friend was laughing at me and it happened. It just seemed to goood to be truee haha. but thankyouu so much I'll never forget that!!