Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Warped Tour Date with Morgan"

Below was written by Julie (Morgan's Mommy):

Hello Scottie,
Thank you again for everything that you did for my little girl. She truly touches everyone’s heart that she meets. I tagged her on myspace with the Living the Dream page. It still touches my heart to see the pics of her and Will (Aiden). I have never seen him smile and have love in his face like when he was hugging Morgan, same with Angel, Nick and Jake. They all loved her and enjoyed spending time with her. Due to a fading economy this wouldn't have been possible without all of your help. Morgan's desire to fight and continue to learn even when the cards are stacked against her is truly an inspiring motivator for all that know her and love her.

I truly do not have a clue how I can ever repay you for this experience....and for putting a smile on my little girl's face.

Juli Wanamaker

I was Excited to meet Morgan in NY because I have never met anyone with Autism before… Needless to say, I was Inspired and Totally Enriched by this Beautiful Little Baby Girl…

Morgan is 5 yrs old and was accompanied by Her Mommy Julie and a Saint of a friend Casey to the Warped Tour. I was told in the morning that Morgan does not take to Men at all and to not take it personal… I talked a lot to Casey and Julie and learned a lot about Autism. I was also turned on to a band I’ve never seen before called Aiden; Julie, Casey and believe it or not , Morgan, All LOVE this Band and its Members… The Guys of Aiden were so nice to the Girls and put big smiles on their faces…
What a Beautiful Little Angel Morgan is…
Oh by the way, Morgan was hugging, kissing and holding my hand by the end of the day; I Believe in Miracles…
Check out the pic in the bottom R corner; do You think She had a Good Day? :-)
Love, Hugs & Kisses Always...


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