Sunday, December 13, 2009

“The passing of a Young Adult with CF on the TV Show Grey’s Anatomy”

Last night they showed a re-run Episode featuring this Young Adult with Cystic Fibrosis.
Episode: Season 2, Episode 4
Deny, Deny, Deny

Episode Recap:

Jeremiah, a cystic fibrosis patient, could benefit from Dr. Addison Shepherd's medical knowledge, but her involvement in his surgery could delay her highly anticipated departure from Seattle Grace Hospital, leaving Meredith and Derek's relationship hanging in the balance.

Full Recap:
SGH - Hospital Room - Day - Meredith and Bailey go into a room where a young man is the patient. Bailey says, "I thought I told you I never wanted to see you again." He replies, "That's only cause you're too lazy to learn anything more." Bailey introduces Meredith to the patient, Jeremiah Tate. Jeremiah was one of Bailey's first patients when she was an intern. Jeremiah says that Bailey was clueless on how to treat cystic fibrosis. Jeremiah raises around $100,000 a year for cystic fibrosis running triathlons. After reading his chart Bailey says he's finally admitting to having a little pain. She examines him and presses her hand on his torso. He looks to be in some discomfort. He also says he has been having seizures. He thinks it is his pancreatitis acting up again. Bailey says she'll be back with his results and a plan then asks him where his parents think he is now. He laughs and says New Jersey. Bailey smiles and she and Meredith leave the room.

SGH - Hallway Outside Jeremiah's Room - Day - Meredith asks, "What about his parents?" Bailey says Jeremiah does not like to bother them until he's well or he's going to be discharged. She adds, "He understands his reality he just chooses to ignore it. Denial works for him, Grey."

SGH - Radiology Viewing Rom - Day - Bailey and Meredith are looking at Jeremiah's lab results and X-rays. They note how he has a mass on his mid-epigastrium and diffused enlargement of the pancreas. He's going to need a exploratory laparotomy. Bailey is hesitant because of the state of his lungs, despite running triathlons. Meredith asks what they're going to do. Bailey doesn't know. Addison comes into the room and calls Jeremiah a survivor. Bailey says he's been her patient for five years and refuses to lose him now. Addison says she'll be able to help because she's seen a case like this in a nine year old. Bailey is glad to accept the help, while Meredith isn't too happy about it. She says, "You're a neo-natal specialist. This isn't your area." Bailey shakes her head trying to get Meredith to stop talking. Addison says she did two years of cystic fibrosis genetic research and has seen it all. Meredith says, "Oh."

SGH - Jeremiah Tate's Room - Day - Addison, Meredith, and Bailey are with Jeremiah. Addison tells him when they operate she might have to remove his pancreas and re-route his intestine. Jeremiah asks if Bailey told them his lungs do not do well with anaesthesia. Bailey says, "Don't I always have your back?" Addison tells him if they don't operate he might have multi-system organ failure. Bailey says it's going to be a long hard surgery and his body will go through a lot of stress. He says, "Yeah, but I'm me." Bailey smiles and says, "But you're you." He asks if he doesn't have the operation he is going to die and if they do operate he has a chance of dying. Addison says yes. Jeremiah says, "Well, I like those odds." Jeremiah remains optimistic, that he has lived with his disease for 26 years; if he gets lucky, great. He holds Bailey's hand. And if he does not get lucky, "It's been sweet." Bailey says, "It's gonna stay sweet."

SGH - Bailey/Addison's O.R. - Night - Addison, Bailey, and Meredith are operating on Jeremiah. His body seems to be shutting down. His heart rhythm is becoming erratic. Bailey starts CPR. Addison reminds her they are not to take extraordinary measures. Bailey says she's only doing good medicine and starts to do heart compressions.

SGH - Bailey/Addison's O.R. - Night - Bailey is continuing her compressions on Jeremiah. Meredith offers to take over because Bailey appears to be getting tired. Meredith begins compressions with no improvement to Jeremiah. Bailey pushes Meredith out of the way and begins compressions again. Everyone stops moving. Bailey keeps going and asks why everyone has stopped. Several seconds pass and Jeremiah flat lines. Bailey stops moving, calls his time of death, and leaves the O.R.

SGH - Second Floor Hallway Overlooking Main Lobby/Station - Night - Bailey is making a phone call on her cell phone. It is Jeremiah's mother. Her voice is quivering. She tells his mother that she's very sorry implying that he passed away.

Scottie's feelings about what He watched last night:

Wow, this was surreal to watch after this past Hospital visit and surgery previous to the CHOC Walk in the Park at Disneyland this past Oct. 18th (Thank God I had something I needed to do that I couldn't miss...wink wink). Some of You may recall some of the similar decisions I had to make regarding going through with surgery and the "possible" complications that could arise and concerns with going under anaesthesia and coming out of the surgery Alive due to My bad/decreased lung function... There were many similarities between the character Jeremiah and Myself... I felt His Calm, Love for Life and His Gratitude for the Days that He's Lived... Also, I couldn't help but think that there's a misunderstanding of the word "Denial" in this/His situation... Is it bad to want to live as normal a life and not involve Loved One's as much as possible in the attempts of wanting to be privately Strong and Deal with the difficult issues at hand, and the Hospital stays that go with it? Wanting to be "Normal" and "Strong"?

I will open up to All of You and tell You that I've had the Doctors tell Me that I've been in denial before as well, in the past... My answer to their words & opinions were that "I'm not in denial, I just choose to not involve Everyone in My sick days; I don't want Family and Friends to see Me in bed and have those visions of Me. I'd rather just see Everybody when I get out... People have Lives and they don't need to be going out of their way to come see Me laying sick in bed in the Hospital." That's the way I feel in My Heart, and I'm sure (obviously) I'm not alone in feeling this way... I do understand (through trial & error) that I need to involve My Family and Close Friends in times of surgery's or anytime the situation is a bit more serious (I've learned the hard way) Sorry Mom (She's made Me promise I won't do that anymore)...Oops!!! hehe ;-)
My Whole Life I've tried to be as normal as possible and it's worked for Me; Living The Dream is an extension of All of those feelings... :LTD)( was not even a blip on the radar screen until I turned 40... At the ripe age of 40, I then reflected back and thought to Myself: "Wow, what a Blessed Life I've been able to Live; I need to share this Beautiful "Secret" Way of Life with others that are afflicted in their Lives too." I Lived 40 Years for Scottie; the Rest of My Life, I'm Living The Dream and Sharing the "Gold Key" with Anyone and Everyone that wants to go the distance with Me... "Let's Do This!" :-)

Thank You :LTD)( Family for walking the road of "Enjoying Every Moment of Every Day" together... I'm not promising Myself or Anyone Else Any Extra Days, just "SPECIAL MOMENTS" in the remaining Days of Our Lives...xo
The word Deny & Denial are sometimes used unwisely... I believe the Character with CF portrayed in this Episode "Deny, Deny, Deny", was unfairly misunderstood... I Believe He Lived a Full Life the Best that He could and touched Many Lives; I Believe He was Living The Dream... I Believe this "Character" and portrayal must have been written emulated from a "Real-Life Person/Situation" that occurred... Bless this Young Man and His Family for Living The Dream and Raising So Much Money and Awareness for those that followed Him, that they could Hopefully Live a Better Life too!!! :-)
We Are a Family...
We Are One...
We Are Living The Dream!!!

I Love and Respect All of You So Much...xo



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Love and Respect Always...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Surf Dog trades in life jacket for a Santa coat"

Ricochet the surfing dog has a new project called "Surfin' Santa Paws" where she's leading a toy drive this holiday season to benefit children who are in the hospital on Christmas. Toys will benefit Rady's Children's Hospital, and CHOC (Children's Hospital of Orange County) with the help of Hurley's Living the Dream Foundation.

For more info, please click the following link:


"30 Lucky :LTD)( Family Members were given tickets to see KISS"

On November 24th 2009, CHOC & Living The Dream gave 30 Lucky :LTD)( Family Members tickets to see KISS and BUCKCHERRY at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA.

As they celebrate 35 years of rockin’, KISS made the Honda Center a stop on its KISS ALIVE 35 North American tour. The tour kicked off with a rapidly-selling, special multiple-show engagement in Detroit Rock City beginning September 25, where KISS played songs from the classic album that started it all: KISS ALIVE! The tour leg will hit more than 40 cities before concluding in December.
This incredible show features a new stage set, pyro effects that only the “hottest band in the world” could deliver, and all new costumes. Fans were treated to a 2½ hour set of some of rock’s greatest hits, including “Rock and Roll All Nite,” “I Was Made for Lovin’ You,” “Detroit Rock City,” “God Gave Rock & Roll to You” and “Shout It Out Loud,” as well as songs from the band’s new album SONIC BOOM. Buckcherry was the main support on all of the KISS ALIVE 35 North American dates.