Monday, August 24, 2009

"Warped Tour Date with Patrick and Sam"

Below written by Patrick:

Hey Scottie!
Dude... today was sick! Thank you so much for hooking all of that up. It was seriously a lifetime experience today. I've been to some pretty gnarly concerts, but today was hands down the craziest and most fun out of them all. Getting to meet the band members, chill backstage and hang with you was so awesome! Also thanks for hooking Sam up too. She had a blast!
Thanks for all you do bro!
Love Always,

Patrick has been a Special Friend and part of the :LTD)( Family for 2 years now. Patrick was ran over by a car and paralyzed when he was about a year and a half old; he's a Warrior in Life that has made the most out of his disabling situation… Patrick is an Ambassador for our friends the Life Rolls On Foundation and helps others whenever he can; that's Awesome…
Patrick was joined by His Loving Sister Sam for this Fun Day at the Warped Tour; We had a Blast together and laughed all day… It’s an Honor for Me to call Patrick Brother and Sam Sister. I’m Inspired and taught new things every time I’m around Patrick. I learned that I can’t leave him unattended in the restroom for too long… After Patrick was done doing his business, he physically couldn’t get out of the restroom when He was done! He had to call my cell phone for HELP...haha...Oops...Sorry Buddy!!!! Now I know, lesson learned... :-)
Love You Little Brother…
Thank You for Enriching My Life Patrick…


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