Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Warped Tour with the Twins Lizzi and Alec"

Alec and Lizzi are Twins that were both born with Cystic Fibrosis. Their Warped Tour story was a Fun one for not only Living The Dream, but for the Girls and their Mom. Shortly after Lizzi wrote in and won this Living The Dream Day at Warped 09, She also got notice from Warped tour from another submission that she applied for, that her request was excepted to travel with, follow the Warped Tour and make her documentary about the Tour for her school project. This was a Very Exciting Summer for these two Girls!! About midway through the tour, I found out that they were eating raviolis and spaghettios only, so I put a stop to that and offered to pay for their meals with catering for the rest of the tour; eating well is a very important tool in staying healthy and Living The Dream… All that being said, when the Twins day arrived, the Girls still wanted their Dream Day with :LTD)(, and so we gave it to them and had a Blast!! :-) I’m So Happy we got to meet these two Beautiful Girls and be a little part of their Super Fun Summer…
We’re Family for Life Now…xo


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