Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Warped Tour Date with Robert"

Below written by Robert:

My :LTD)( day at warped tour was absolutely amazing! I met so many amazing people and went backstage to see all the bands all because of Scottie and the whole :LTD)( family. I want to help Scottie out someday so I can make a kid feel how special and lucky they are. Thank you so much for the tickets and amazing time. I will remember warped tour all because of the :LTD)( Foundation.

The Ram Family were PERFECT!!! I just fell in Love with Every Single One of Them!!! Robert is a CHAMPION that was dealt a Devastating Blow, but has Definitely come out on Top... Robert had Cancer in His leg and had 15 surgeries to try and save His leg, but they were unsuccessful... I'm not even going to write "unfortunately", because Robert's Life has if anything only gotten better... This is a Strong Young Boy/Man that You will here alot about... We're Honored to have Robert and His Family's Values a part of Our :LTD)( Family... We Are All In This Together!!! All of US!!!!! I'm So Proud of Robert and His Family; Their attitudes and Courage throughout All that's happened, is Truly Amazing!!! Robert was accompanied by His Sister Lauren, Mom Liia and Dad Ravi... We were All inseparable the Whole Day, running from one stage to the other, only stopping to eat and for restroom breaks... This was a Great Conclusion to an Amazing Summer with So Many Amazing Living The Dream Kids... I Can't Wait to do it All again next year!!!
Thank You to the Ram Family for making Me a Better Man...
I'm So Blessed to know All of them...
Love You All...xo

Ps. I Love how Robert sports shorts with His leg; He's doing it All Right and Living The Dream!!! :-)


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