Tuesday, May 15, 2018

"Quote of the Day" 05-15-18

“Seems so unfair, am I insane?
The struggle’s so real, I feel the pain.
Will it ever get easier, is my life in vain?
What will tomorrow bring, more of the same?

You can’t just quit: My heart tells my brain.
A life-long Mission would go down the drain.
A surrender now, would end the game.
This feels so surreal and inhumane.

I need to get up, get back on the train.
It’s not going to be easy; no pain, no gain.
Life’s lessons can be cruel and hard to sustain.
I need to remember: There’s sun after rain.

Will the story end? Will the dream remain?
Shall I create another persona like the great Mark Twain?
Our story’s so different, Like wine and champagne.
Only time will tell: A stain or Reign...”

~Scottie Somers

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