Sunday, July 21, 2013

"10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY AT HURLEY * 07/21/2003-2013"

Ten Years ago today July 21st 2003, I found Myself in an uncomfortable situation going to work for My Special Friend/Family Member Bob Hurley at Hurley... It was uncomfortable then because I was in a Band (LEFTY) that I Loved and co-founded with My Best Friend Dennis Hill and My Heart still wanted to play music... At that time, I felt that music was My avenue to Help Inspire Others via My actions, so it was very hard to let it go... All of these years later, I see now that Bob Hurley and Family/Company has afforded Me a continued Life Time Gift of Helping others via Our LIVING THE DREAM FOUNDATION that Hurley has So Graciously Supported from DAY ONE; funny thing, music has continued to be at the forefront of Our :LTDF Mission (shocker)... :-)

Mid May of 2007, I sat down in Bob’s Office for some solid advice and direction; We discussed :LTDF at great length, and by the end of that meeting, Bob invited Me to build :LTDF within the Hurley Company... I don’t know how to Thank Bob except to tell Him that I Love Him Very Much for ALWAYS having My back and supporting Me...

Bobby, You once told Me: “An overnight success takes ten years.” --to have You as a Family Member for the past 14 years has been an Absolute Privilege, and to work with You and have You as a Mentor for the past 10 years has been a True Honor!!! THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU BOBBY HURLEY... <3

*Also, I want to say a Special Thank You to Brittney Hurley for nudging Me in the right direction to go in and work for Family at Hurley; I Love You Sis... I’ll never forget that phone call... <3

*I want to Thank Ryan Hurley for being an Amazing Brother, Friend and Inspiration; getting to watch You do Your Magic over the years has been a real treat!!! I’ll never forget the day You and I sat down the morning after I dream’t up and envisioned the United :LTDF Ribbon Logo; We non-stop created and put it together "TOGETHER" Perfectly.....and it is PERFECT Brother!!! Thank You and I Love You... <3

*I have to Thank Roger Wyett and Family for Their unwaivering Love and Support... Roger has been an Incredible Asset in My Life that I’ll Cherish Always... To get to watch Bob and Roger work side by side all these Years has been Unbelievable!!! I Love You Roger, You’re a Great Teacher and Friend... <3

I’ve been Loyal to the Name & Brand Hurley for 14 Years now, and I have to tell ALL of You this: "I would do it all over again."

HURLEY: "Mi Familia for LIFE!!!" <3 <3 <3


~Scottie Hurley Somers

Ps. I'm Proud to be Hurley's Good Will Ambassador; I Hope I've Represented and made You Happy!!!

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