Saturday, September 10, 2011

"Highlights from the past Century - Very Inspirational"

Time: The measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues.

2011: “PRESENT”

**(2007: Living The Dream was launched June 1st, 2007 by Scottie Somers.)**
**(2005: was launched after purchasing the domain name URL for $200,000.)**
**(2003: Myspace was created in 2003.)**

2001: The World Trade Center Towers came crashing down.

**(2001: The iPod was unveiled to the public.)**
**(1999: Hurley was Founded by Bob Hurley.)**

1991: A home video captured Los Angeles police officers beating Rodney King.

**(1987: Google was invented in 1987.)**

1981: President Ronald Regan was shot and Iran released American Hostages.

**(1973: The first cell call in a test environment was made in 1973; cell service began in 1983.)**

1971: Astronauts drive lunar buggy on moon and Jim Morrison dies.

**(1969: The first man stepped on the moon.)**
**(1967: The computer was invented.)**

1961: JFK becomes youngest president.
1951: U.S. tests A-bombs in Nevada.
1941: Japan bombs Pearl Harbor and U.S. enters World War II.
1931: Empire State Building opens, Al Capone was arrested and Thomas Edison dies.
1921: Einstein comes to NYC and you could by a Buick Touring Car Model D for $650.
1911: Cancer virus discovered by Rous and First American woman gets pilot’s license.

I created this list in order to show (YOU) our :LTDF Family all that’s happened and has been created in the past 100 Years. If this doesn’t inspire you to make the next 10 years count for something in your life, then nothing will; an overnight success takes 10 years.

“Today we write a brand new chapter. The story so precious, you play the actor. The scripts unwritten, each act’s a factor. How do you want to be known ever after?”
~Scottie Somers

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