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"The Story of Our Founder Scottie Somers"

The Life and Mission of Scottie Somers


Founded in 2007 by Scottie Somers

Helped to life and supported by Bob Hurley, Roger Wyett and the Hurley Company

LIVING THE DREAM FOUNDATION is Scottie's gift, quest and desire to payback a life that has been so amazing and fruitful to him.

Scottie was born with Cystic Fibrosis in 1966. Diagnosed with CF at the age of 3 Months old; brought to his attention by his Mother at the young age of 12. Cystic Fibrosis has come a long way since then in bringing many new treatments and medicines to help improve the lives of the inflicted. But the reality and story of CF is still the same; its terminal. Cystic Fibrosis is the leading hereditary killer of Children around the World.

Scottie has lived his life in and out of Hospitals, always being admitted to the oncology and CF wards at each different one. He has NEVER lived his life with CF being at the forefront of his being though. His heart and mind has always strived to be as "normal" as possible. He has had quite the journey along the way, continuing to make a difference in his and every person’s life he befriends daily. Scottie has a great deal of compassion for all chronic and terminal diseases; he's been very close to many friends and family that have suffered and passed away from different diseases over the years. He has tackled his disease with the most positive attitude one can have in his situation. Scottie knows that "LIVING THE DREAM" daily is the secret to enjoying life to the fullest, and feels compelled to share this message and secret with the World.

Scottie Somers has always had the fire of life in him for as long as he's been alive. He has been able to experience all the wonderful things that anyone could ever want to experience and more... Scottie has always been a vanguard in life, throughout his youth and into adulthood. He see's things coming before they're here, and makes the necessary changes; never fearing the outcome. Scottie resides in Newport Beach, CA. He believes that he truly lives in paradise, and so should he. At the age of 29, when most feel like they've missed the boat on so many things they've wanted to do and accomplish in life, Scottie seriously took up playing the bass guitar. At age 32, Scottie and life time best friend Dennis Hill’s band LEFTY got a major label record deal with Interscope Records, along with Kenny Livingston and Lorenzo Giovanni. LEFTY was signed by Tom Whalley with the help of Freeze Management (John Reese, Paul Gomez, Bill Hardie and Greg Teal). Scottie's band LEFTY was very fortunate to be able to tour for almost 4 years with most all of their favorite bands including some of the following: The Foo Fighters, NoDoubt, Lit, Good Charlotte, Fenix TX, Mest, Gold Finger, Unwritten Law, Blink 182, New Found Glory, Jimmy Eat World, Sugarcult, Butch Walker, GOB, Weezer, The Black Halos and many many more, as well as playing on 2 Warped Tours... In his music career, Scottie only missed 3 shows due to being too sick to play. Scottie’s good friends came to his rescue and temporarily filled in for him. Willy from Fenix TX, Benji from Good Charlotte, and Lorenzo all picked up Scottie's bass guitar to honor and relieve their good friend, and more importantly, so that he could concentrate 100% on his health and get better. Scottie wasn't just sick these 3 times during that 4 year span though. He actually played many shows very sick with pneumonia, pancreatitis, on IV's with high fevers, etc... You would have never known anything was wrong. Scottie can always muster up a smile at any time, regardless of his sickness and pain; this selfless act is ongoing 24/7 - 365. Thru music, Scottie has met some amazing people that have become life time friends. One of those special friends was Bob Hurley. Bob and Scottie continue to this day to nourish their friendship with each other, giving back in many different ways to Kids around the World... Bob Hurley is Founder and Chairman of Hurley International and Scottie Somers is Founder of Living The Dream Foundation and Director of Good Will for Hurley.

How did this all come about for Scottie? Scottie has always been an innovator and hard worker throughout his life. He gives no less than 100% to everything and all that he involves himself in. In High School, he started finding his talents and love for art, always pleasantly surprising the people around him. Later after graduating H.S., Scottie started working for an LTL Transportation (trucking) Company at the age of 18, quickly catapulting to the top; he helped manage, run and steer that Company by the age of 24. Scottie then fell into very bad health, and was forced to enter into early retirement. It was at that time that Scottie decided to move to the beach and start a new chapter in his life. Scottie fell in-love with Newport Beach, CA. It was there that Scottie really started to play the bass guitar, enjoy the unity of being in a band and creating music with his best friend (since they were 6 yrs old) Dennis Hill.

Fast forward: LEFTY gets signed, tours, has many great/fun times, and then just like anything else in life, it was time for LEFTY to wind down (the Music Industry had changed tremendously due to the illegal burning of CD's, etc). It was then that Scottie decided (with the encouragement of Ryan and Brittney Hurley) to go into Hurley and give them the very best that he could give. He officially started Hurley in 2003 (although Scottie adamantly claims 1999, because he's been sponsored, representing, sharing strong ideas and has been a permanent fixture at Hurley's headquarters throughout the years anytime LEFTY was not on tour). At Hurley, Scottie started in the warehouse, which Scottie says he’s very thankful for still to this day. It was an extremely humbling experience that helped shape him; testing his leadership skills all over again. Without disappointment, Scottie quickly shined and earned a night supervisor position. He later dropped down to day supervisor, and then shortly after (within 2 Months) ended up supervising all 3 warehouses at Hurley Headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA. He then was rewarded a position in the I.T. (Information Technology) Department from Hurley’s CFO, where he quickly learned (with no previous I.T. experience) and excelled, helping and shining at Hurley every day. In I.T., Scottie out survived the whole I.T. department’s staff and actually helped bring in, train on the intranet and support Hurley’s current Director of I.T. Mike D’Angelo.

Unfortunately again, Scottie fell into bad health and decided that it might be better for Hurley and himself to go on the long term disability that Hurley had previously set up for him so that he could concentrate on his health. In Scottie’s less than 1 year off, he was never really away from Hurley heart and soul. He honorably continued to give tours of Hurley Headquarters whenever He was called upon, enjoying each and every one of them. Scottie loves sharing and meeting new friends... During this time he also created a thousand page website for a lighting company (having never built a website before) which he showcased in Vegas, NV. He was offered the opportunity to help start a high-end eyewear jewelry line with a prominent Ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) Doctor in San Diego, CA. Then in true vanguard style once again, Scottie foresaw the future importance of social networking and started a new Hurley MySpace page (Hurley already had another MS page) over Christmas Holiday 2006, knowing that He could create a site that better described, supported and represented Bob Hurley's true vision for the Hurley Brand. This MySpace site became the leader in its class in interaction and comments in the action sports industry in 6 short Months. Scottie set out and accomplished all of these things without asking for monetary compensation, and or expecting anything from it except to make a better change!

In May, 2007, after reaching the 40 year old bench mark. Scottie deeply felt the need to do something more; something meaningful. A gift back to a life that has been so prolific to him.

Scottie called his good friend Bob Hurley on a Monday evening for direction, setting up an appointment to meet that Friday. Scottie has had an overwhelming yearning to make a difference in sick Kids lives for several years now, starting when he was in LEFTY. He met with Kids and their families at shows, always taking the time to talk, listen, love and care for them. He took Kids afflicted with terminal diseases to several different Warped Tour events (a successful Music Tour, Founded by Kevin Lyman) starting in the summer of 2004. Scottie has seen the difference that he has been able to make with children and young adults by sharing his story as well as living by example everyday for them to see. The truth is--Kids freak out when they meet Scottie because he looks and acts so "normal", but has a terminal disease, a visible Port-O-Cath, and shares the same struggles as they do. Scottie met up with his good friend and mentor Bob Hurley on the 2nd Friday of May 2007 in search of direction. Bob listened carefully and intently, and then gave Scottie priceless advice. By the end of their meeting, Bob graciously offered to support in Scottie’s Mission to reach out and help these Kids in need.

Hurley is and has always been a fun company that hears the voice of our next generation of Kids; a microphone for the youth. So what better of a place to take the Living The Dream Foundation to, then the Hurley Company. Scottie feels very lucky and fortunate to be at this place in his life. He is blessed to have the friends that he has, the health that he has, and the opportunities that are ahead for him, Living The Dream, Hurley, and the millions of Kids that will be positively affected by the Living The Dream Foundation's Mission.

THANK YOU to all that just read this and want to help in making dreams come true for many future Children in need...

"I plan on continuing to always change and reinvent Myself to be The Best Scottie I can be and Help as Many Children and Young Adults as I can, while still doing All the things that I Love to do like play music, art, skate, swim, walk, bike, hang out with All My Great Friends, My Family, and take care of My health... My Mom raised Me right, by not putting restrictions and boundaries on Me because of My disease... I want to Help Others to follow this same recipe of Not building Their foundation solely on Their affliction, but on Who They Are as a Whole Person... Cystic Fibrosis is like the Ocean, and I am like the Sand... It comes in and out of My life like Waves and has Helped Shape Me to be the Man that I am today... But it is Not Who I am...

I am Scottie Somers; The Luckiest Person Alive!!!

Thank You Mom, Dad, My 2 Brothers, My Best Friend/Brother Dennis (Boo Boo) Hill, Bob Hurley, Roger Wyett, Hurley Company, All My Family, and All My Friends, Never Forgetting The Ones that aren't here with Us anymore... Rest In Peace Angels; I lovingly dedicate :LTD)( to You...xo

I Love You… ~Scottie Somers”


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