Friday, September 11, 2009

:LTD)( Sponsors "Fun Day at the Park"

Mark Abrams writes below:

The Fundraiser Fun day at the Park specifically raised money for the Silent Valley Family Center that is utilized by children and family members that are interested in forming family bonds and providing activities in a fun and safe environment for kids of all ages. Our event had several sponsors including Hurley’s “Living The Dream Foundation”, Carl’s Jr., Rite Aid, Play it Again Sports, McDonalds McCafe’ and Morongo Casino.. The Sunday’s events included Miniature Golf, Bean Bag Throw, Pool Splash Contest and Watermelon Pool Relay as well as a Watermelon Eating Contest. Kids of all ages and Kids with special needs participated and had a wonderful day of fun activities designed for their level of involvement. We had over 100 kids and 100 adults in attendance and the community of sponsor should be proud of what we accomplished that day. And a big thank you is in order for the community spirit exhibited for Fun Day at the Park.

It was a Privilege and Honor to Help out these Kids on this Fun Day!
Love and Respect Always...


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